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Dreamway Trip is a simple, third-person flying game, based on dodging movement Mechanics, developed with Unreal Engine 4.


A toy has been lost in the dreams of its owner and it must return to them before they wake up. Fly across space and time in this dreamy world and make your way to the end by dodging other lost toys as fast as possible.

Dreamway Trip is an arcade flying game based on reflex, in third person.
It’s a simple game with movement and dodging mechanics.

The player is continuously flying forward, but losing speed when not interacting with anything, and they have to keep flying over a certain speed to continue. They gain speed when they “dodge” the right obstacles and they lose speed when they hit these obstacles at a low speed, or when they spend too much time without dodging obstacles.

The player can destroy these obstacles and earn points when they hit them with enough speed.

The game ends when the player dies, either by not dodging obstacles for too long, or by
losing too much speed when hitting them.

My intention for this project was to make a simple game based on positive feedback loops, with a theme centered around dreams.

Read the Game Design Overview

Watch the Gameplay Preview


Infos Dreamway Trip: Projets
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