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A Trackmania® personal Level Design project


This project was worked on during a Workshop Week at Bellecour Ecole in 2021 with 3 speakers :

  • Charles BENSOUSSAN, Senior Level Designer at Ubisoft Ivory Tower

  • Antoine PITAVY, Level Designer at Ubisoft Ivory Tower

  • Clément JACQUET, Level Designer at Ubisoft Ivory Tower

I had to make a map for Trackmania that would last 1mn, has at least 3 checkpoints, has clear guidance and accessibility, and has an integration of the environment.

Original Concept/Intentions :

I wanted to make a moderately challenging and easy to comprehend map, with a beautiful environment that makes sense. The guidance work should be mainly done by the track itself, to let the player enjoy and feel the map without thinking too much ; so no dividing track or ambiguous path.

The theme of my map is a sunny downhill trip through mountains, with a similar vibe to The Crew 2 and Forza Horizon’s festival-like moods.

Difficulty/Accessibility :

The hardest elements of my map are meant to be quite easy still and only demand precision. They are the looping, the 180° wall ride, and the turns that force you to slow down a bit.

When it comes to accessibility I decided to let the track itself be clear enough to guide the player, assisted by environment elements (like the hot air balloons that guide the eye towards the right path) and arrows, that are green, yellow or red depending on the difficulty of the turn, as well as big black and white arrow screens to help the player know where to turn.

Environments :

I integrated the environment into the path to help guide the player towards the right direction at any time, by using the trees to surround and limit the track, bumps on the track to orient the player, and landmarks (high points and hot air balloons) to guide the eye.

I also tried to give the player a wow effect at the beginning of the track when they exit the tunnel and discover the environment and the sunlight, as well as at the very end of the track when they have to jump and fly to the ending. I also tried to synchronize a bit the track with the music to enhance the experience.

Watch the Video Playthrough


My ingredients :

  • Boost/manage speed (in red)

  • Jump/air time (in green)

  • Curved roads/precision turns (in yellow)

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